Sohail Ahmad Chaudhry

Sohail Ahmad is currently working as Immigration Caseworker .As a practicing lawyer, he is well aware of the global immigration laws & governing rules.  Sohail Ahmad is capable to design and deliver trainings around the legal, administrative and procedural issues of human rights, child rights, women rights and the rights of other oppressed and vulnerable communities. He is equally adept in dealing with the problems and concerns of intellectual property rights that helps protecting intellectual toil of writers, scholars and innovators. Simultaneously, he possess a command on parliamentary mechanisms, processes and prerogatives that a plural democratic structure needs to keep intact. Along with that, he is well au-courant with specific constitutional acts, articles and legislative provisions that deal with the protection or counter-protection of vulnerable communities, particularly non-Muslim religious groups in Pakistan. Public litigation in the favour of citizens in general is one of his firm vocations to improve the life of ordinary citizens in the country. Also, he is capable of drawing politico-legal analyses of various acts and amendments that affect or might affect ordinary masses of this country.